What exactly are unclaimed funds?

Unclaimed funds are funds returned to the state by companies when the property owner do not claim them. These unclaimed funds stay with the state unless they are claimed by the rightful owner. There are times when the owner of the funds are not even aware that they are owed funds by the state. It is our goal to reunite these clients with the funds that they rightfully own.

How do I know this is a legitimate business?

Our mission is to provide legendary service for our clients that want to be reunited with their unclaimed funds. We make it easy by using our 3 step-process while still maintaining our ethical and business values. Having started this business in 2020, we know that scam-artists exist. So to provide our clients the best service we also hold BBB accreditation. Just click on our home page and you wont be able to miss it.

Is the fee negotiable?

Here at HIC Recovery, we will never ask for any payment up front or over the phone. We instead charge a small percentage fee after our clients have been happily reunited with their unclaimed funds. If there is a mistake with your invoice, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected] with your invoice and concerns, and we will get back to you immediately.

How long does the process usually take?

Great question! We walk you through the process step by step. We follow-up bi-monthly regardless of a status change to make sure you know how far you are in the process. For faster updates, email us at [email protected]. On average, the process may take 3 to 6 months, depending on the claim. The fastest HIC Recovery has reunited a client with their funds is 1 month.

What states do we work in?

We currently work in the state of Arkansas and North Carolina.